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Return Armour - Soccer Training Belt


Return Armour presents the amazing Soccer Training Belt.  It is the must have Soccer Training aid you've been waiting for. 
No more chasing countless wayward shots on goal, or trying to find someone just to kick back to you every time you want to practice. 
Now, this Soccer Training Belt allows you to work on your basic skill sets as a player all in your own time.
Get ahead of the game and become the next Soccer superstar with the Return Armour Soccer Training Belt. 

Practice Like You Play. 

✅Great Quality
100% Brand new high quality ready for outdoor use. 
The purpose of the Return Armour Training Belt is to help soccer players to practice shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control and throw-ins and much more. Those who want to hone their soccer skills should not shy away from this easy-to-use training belt.
Anyone can use it. It has an adjustable waist belt with good quality buckle fastening allowing for a comfortable fit.
✅Suitable For All Abilities
Designed to take any kicking power from Kids to Adults. The elastic strap has good quality velcro fastening to tie the ball firmly.
✅Variation in Sizes
The Return Armour Training Belt can firmly hold balls sizes 3, 4 and 5.
✅Suitable For All Ages
Those who are looking to take their Soccer skills to next level from all ages. The Return Armour Training Belt is suitable for both Adults and Kids .

**Not Sold In Stores**